Chapter 7 : Whimsical Transparency [ H&M 10 & More ]

A collaboration with H&M - H&M 10 & More - a sustainable project.

For this Limited 10 series, JOANNALSM collaborates with H&M to create a limited edition item or a series of items which will be displayed at the Orchard store as part of the celebration.


“Do not throw away old or used clothes. Give it to me!”

This series of products are 80% made from scraps fabrics and  existing fashion garments such as pants / shirts / t-shirts / blouses. Items are either donated anonymously and we would like to see how we can reuse them. 20% comes from complimentary haberdashery and materials needed to complete the pieces.

Addressing the mass market out there, what this collection intends to create is more of a customisable, exclusive market - reflecting a balance between the beautiful pieces and the stories behind how they came to fruition. A mix of throwback and modern design elements.

This series consists of a range of colorful and bold prints (from existing prints) that are translated to household products and unisex t-shirt. As most of the donated items are organic and floral prints, we decide to go ahead with a floral and whimsical theme to it.


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