Chapter 4: Layered Imprint

LAYERED IMPRINT revolves around the keyword – identity. This collection is an extension to BASADUNG SS18. Whatever modifications we have done to our body is defined as what represents us.

While making reference to Li Basadung tribe, the fundamental make up of a person’s identity such as thumbprints and DNA molecules, have been incorporated into this collection.

“Every unique fingerprints curves and lines are designed in such a way that no one has the exact same fingerprint combination.”

In light of that, while creating this collection, I realised it was a journey and I was truly finding myself as a designer. Reaching far back into my past. Making this athletic aesthetic inspired collection reminded me of my gymnastics days back in the good old school days. At the same time it was mixed with a touch of elegance and class. which is what I aspire to become someday, someone sophisticated and mature.

“I want women to dress with confidence; I want people to be intrigued by the women I dress.
Layered Imprint is a ready-to-wear collection with a combination of textile manipulation to the collection. Laser cutting techniques and hand sewn techniques were used to create a crafty yet edgy style with digital prints and crystals embellishments used to achieve the texture of the collection.
The placement of crystals were meant to create the DNA molecule while the hand sewn thread acts as the bond between each atom. Crystals are used to highlight and enhance the designs.

This collection features a balance between new and old. There is a style of playfulness (sport chic) as depicted by the colours in contrast to black and white. Fabric has been carefully selected - soft and structured fabrics, sheer and opaque fabrics chosen specifically to complement one another.

This collection is sponsored by Swarovski.

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