Chapter 3: Nomad City

NOMAD.CITY is a collaborative exhibition with Womenswear Fashion Designer, Esther Choy, founder of EshbyEsther.

As we grow and progress as a society, the pace of life gets increasingly faster and often we find ourselves looking for the ways to simplify the way we live, work and dress. In fact, we as consumers are always on the lookout for items that are multi-functional yet aesthetically pleasing.

This SS18 collection titled “Urban Nomadicity |” captures the essence of what it means to be a modern woman who is always on the move, always interested in looking for something unique. With innovative pieces that grow with the wearer through time, this collection would encompass her needs from going to the workplace to meeting up with friends in the evenings, all the while keeping her stylish, comfortable and confident in her own skin.  

The collection features a distinctive unique print: The interaction between what's organic and inorganic in parallel to one's lifestyle. What's so fast paced could be toned down with the simplicity and fluidity of our recreation. The connected linkage signifies a person life. Creating an abstract print aim to connects one's life not only aesthetically but also as one. Little specks of detailing resembles the various experiences as one travel.

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