Chapter 2: Yuan

源 (YUAN) is a collaborative exhibition with Fine Art artist, Benedict Yu.

This collaboration features an exceptional fashion collection that reconciles a human’s origin through artistic techniques. It tells the audience a story of who we are through the various elements.
This collection titled 源 (yuan) is inspired by the concept of ‘origin’. We aim to challenge and expand our understanding of fashion and art beyond utility and aesthetics to a conceptual expression. And in this case, 源 (yuan) is a conceptual expression of identity.

“We should always be comfortable in our skin — who we are, what we want to be, what we do, what we aspire our life to be. After all, nobody knows you best but yourself.” 

There are 2 approaches of embodying this collection:

the outer layer, designed and made by Benedict, is called the ‘outer shell’. This is meant to represent the routine of society which hardens. School, Work, Life. Yes, no doubt these are essential to us. But they have become such staples that we often lose ourselves. Hence, these outer shells are decorated with rice/sand bits alluding to the ultimate fall of these elements and unveiling our true inner true self.
Second, is where Joanna’s inner garments come into play. These garments are meant to represent who we truly are. In comparison to the monotone colors (black and white), bright, bold and vivid colors showcase what  truly represents us - spirit & life.

Using the artists’ artworks, Joanna creates prints and textiles that will be translated onto fabric as wearable garments. Comfort is key so soft and breathable fabrics are used to complement the designs.

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