Chapter 12 : Unknown [MIRL x JLSM]


Embracing the identity of MIRL’s core color (lilac and mint), Unknown is a MIRL x JOANNALSM capsule collection.

MIRL = Made In Real Life, is a next generation project that brings the fashion industry into the Metaverse with designer NFTs, real-world wearables and talented new artists.

MIRL’s Mission: To support, empower, and curate aspiring new designers in the Metaverse and to provide NFT owners with the opportunity to showcase their art both digitally and physically.

MIRL’s Vision: To bridge the gap between digital and physical art in the Metaverse and to develop a thriving Metaverse community for creatives from all walks of life to gather, explore, and embark on exciting creative ventures.

“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” This statement highlights the core philosophy of what Joannalsm embraces: Identity, a deep understanding of your history, and what we can do to adapt and embrace the future.

In this collection, we want to make an impact through colors and genderless. Joannalsm has never really dived into menswear (yet) because we are constantly studying the market (in Singapore) and truth to be told, why “can’t a male wear a pair of a skirt?”

In this collection with MIRL, Joannalsm once again creates a variety of mismatched textiles and prints that somehow compliments each other. A fully digital printed mesh dress that has an accent of fluidity watercolored print, a hand-dyed and hand-painted unisex oversized denim, an abstract version of what MIRL’s metaverse would look like (print on the left). We created the print base on a Kaleidoscope [A kaleidoscope is an optical toy consisting of two or more mirrors at particular angles.]

So…think of matrix meets kaleidoscope - a never-ending journey that is definitely worth the exploration. 


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