Chapter 6: Chaos

“Give us a break already!”

Chaos is inspired by the pandemic COVID-19 that has put us through since the start of 2020.

Truth to be told, I was depressed with the whole situation because I felt trapped at home. It did took me a while to get used to the fact that I can't roam around town, parks, malls freely. In fact, sometimes I did thought that going to office for work will be good idea. But why not look at the bright side of it?
It’s because of this pandemic, we are more well aware with how one micro virus can take away one’s life easily, at least that's what I personally feel. We are more conscious and concern towards our love ones. We practice social distancing because we don't want our love wants to catch the virus. So what if there is a lack of connection because of circuit breaker? So what if we are all confine within walls?

The Concept

“CHAOS” was a period for us to be disorganised and reflect upon ourselves. But it’s also a period about disconnecting and reconnecting. It gives us a reason to take a break and catch up with our rest before our next hustle.

I do wish that COVID-19 ends soon and we all could go back to what society was - free and fun!

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