Chapter 1: Basadung

BASADUNG revolves around the key word - identity

Studying a specific minor ethnic group in Hainan — the Li Basadung Tribe. Women in the Li Tribe tattoo their faces with geometric lines taking their inspiration from the Hoopoe bird, which have stripes on their feathers. 

Getting a tattoo is not only a painful process, but also a grotesque and sometimes even bloody procedure. However, you can admire the workmanship and the intricacy of each tattoo design in the aftermath.

Tattoos on one’s face enables them to stand out from other tribes and at the same time, create a unique identity for themselves. 


Basadung is a ready-to-wear collection with various combinations of textile manipulations that merge the uniqueness of identity with elements of the future. Laser-cutting techniques combined with digital printings and crystal embellishments were used to achieve the textures of the collection. Each dotted line resonates with the tattoo motif reflecting an individual’s lifestyle and behaviour.


Basadung aims to remind everyone who we really are at our core. It embodies the idea of embracing our identity and not being afraid to be true to ourselves. 

After all, faces are the most significant part of an identity.

This collection is sponsored by Swarovski.

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