Yuan Exhibition 2017

源 (Yuan) is a mini capsule fashion x fine art exhibition that took place at National Museum of Singapore in 2017. Both Lasalle graduates Benedict Yu and Joanna Lim collaborates and define the origin of their own. This project features a fashion collection that reconciles an individual's identification of how they perceive themselves. We have approached different individuals to express their identities through any visuals in various medium. Making reference to their artworks, Swarovski crystals and prints are used to showcase this showcase.
Photographer: Marcus Li 
Hair and Makeup: Brenda & Cindy - Bmarvlous 
Outershell Installation: Benedict - Benedict Yu 
Wardrobe: Joannalsm
Sponsor: Swarovski - Swarovski

"Body is the canvas; Life is the artist."

The Looks:

"The Outershell"

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3 - society remarks on outerwear

Look 4

Look 5

Learn about the collection here