Miss Global Singapore 2022

Mandy Tang - Miss Global Singapore 2022 Representative
Event: held at Bali, May 2022

About Mandy Tang
Mandy is a young entrepreneur woman who is deeply passionate in creation through creativity, branding, marketing, and fashion, it is her dream in finding the purpose of life leading to her passion and not other way round.

About the Dress

As always, Joannalsm's apparels are meant to paint a picture, tell the audience a story from head to toe. Going back to Singapore's and Mandy's culture and identity, we have create a gown together through this partnership.

We have hand-dyed Singapore's national costume in our iconic red and white on veg-based silk, known as gajji silk. There are snippets of Singapore's culture and heritage in this dress - iconic Chinese mandarin collar,  India's Rangoli art is inspired by the Peranakan tiles and Black and White architecture. We complete the look with our take of Singapore's skyline through beading embellishment. 

Behind the Scene Documentation

Ideation - researching & innovation on how to incorporate Mandy & Singapore's identity in one dress

Experimentation & WIP - digital print the illustration on various fabric, test print, hand dyed the fabric, embellishment bead work on dress

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